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installation by Jivan Frenster and Olivier Gobelet during the at.tension 2013 festival.

CLUB is the concentrate of what makes a club a club. It consists of a small space filled by music, light and people. A 23 seconds long loop taken from the 80s hit “Music and Lights” by Imagination and a handmade crystal disco ball move and lull the guests for hours. The repetition within itself and around itself vanishes the longing for progress and results in something in between meditation and slow party.

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99 Loops

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one loop a day (but sometimes not everyday)

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Photo: René Gabriel

FOCŌ is the urban translation of a campfire. It takes the form of mobile autonomous light object coupled with a discrete sound system.
FOCŌ is an intervention tool for night-time activation of abandoned or poorly lit places. FOCŌ creates temporary autonomous zones, initiates night forums and generate instant coziness.

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by Julian Terbuyken

Gängeviertel 2. Geburtstag, Hamburg, 26.08.2011

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Hamburg, 27.10.2011

Friends and Lovers in Underground

Thanks: Monika Michalko, Tillmann Terbuyken, Urs Amadeus Ulbrich

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Morning at the flea market in Novi Beograd. Gypsies selling all kind of stuff directly on the ground of a wasteland. Hard to distinguish the articles to sell from the surrounding garbage. You spent 80 dinars on dirty mixtapes. Pencil-scrapped names of musicians you never heard of: Zvouko Bogdan, Đorđe Balašević, Mišo Kovač, Neda Ukraden, Oliver Dragojević, Kićo Slabinac and a lot of tapes from Domaći Pevači (you would later find out that this is not the name of a person but that it means “domestic singers”).

Kilometers further into Belgrade suburbs. Spent the afternoon lost in a giant Chinese shopping mall. Multiplying by 2 the sensation of being foreign (or squaring it to be mathematically exact?). First time trying to communicate in Serbian with a Chinese man for which you end up getting some cheap strange food. Chunks of pork fat. Unknown vegetables. White Rice. And then back between the mountains of plastic products: underwear, alarm clocks, toy guns and keyrings. No disco ball.

A few days later you took a night train to Romania.

music: Olivera Marković & Dušan Jakšić – Čamac na Tisi

made during microdisco’s 2010 south-east european tour (Hamburg-Istanbul)

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Softcore Monolog is Julian Terbuyken’s final year project in Communication Design at the HAW Hamburg. In this installation six sound sculptures are scattered throughout the room, each one with its own sound system. By walking around, each spectator creates his own mix between the different sound sources, therefore performing his own dynamic soundscape.

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Belgrade, 2010

Thanks: Nevena Popović

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